Need a new fence installation for your patio or yard? Whether you need to minimize the chilly wind that is entering your property, want to gain more privacy in your property, secure your pool or mask a street view, or even keep your pets in, we got you covered. In this article, you will learn some info on how to choose the right type of fence based on your specific needs and space.

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  1. Gaining True Privacy

In order to gain true privacy, select a kind of fence that has little or no space between each board. A lattice that is closely spaced can also give privacy like a solid material can do when it is combined with the climbing plants’ lush foliage. Usually, the height will depend on your own yard’s slope, as well as your neighbor’s, the seating areas position, as well as any local building codes that are applicable.

  1. Going Gateless

If easy access is much more important to you, consider forgoing your gate entirely and installing several offset fences in order to allow space for a path while not showing the view of the street.

  1. Consider Having a Stepped Design

If you think it is too much to install a tall privacy fence around your property, consider having a design with stair steps in order to get the privacy that you want just where you really need it. If this is the case, you can have a taller part of fence around your hot tub or seating area, as well as a lower area of fencing beside your lawn.

  1. Shielding Wind

Whenever you need to block off strong breezes bud do not want to lose a grand view or the natural light, the best option is to install a glass. If view blocking is not a big issue to you, any privacy fence that has no gaps between each board will well too. For height, you should always remember that if you don’t want the wind in your seating area, the fence you should install must be a few feet lower compared to other areas where individuals will be standing, like around the grill.

  1. Security

Some of the most important features to have if the primary function of your fence is for security are the tall height, lacking places to grip, as well as lockable and sturdy gate.  A security fence must be at least eight feet high, even though you can also be able to add a short trellis on the top of lower fences for security that you do not want to look so imposing. What’s important is to select a type of fence that has no horizontal rails or flush boards on the outside, in order to deter any potential intruders or thieves from attempting to climb your fence.

  1. Blocking a Street View

IF your house is built on a quite busy street, making a peaceful space in your backyard starts with the right choice of fence. Pick a fence that has smaller gaps between boards if you want to let some natural light to enter your yard, or you can also add a layer of lush plantings on both sides in order to create additional privacy.